Is there such thing as “eating freely”?

tantric massageTo be honest, I’m not so sure that there is. Like my tantric massage friends, I like to have treats, but we all know that it’s a slippery slope into bad health if you’re not careful. It takes serious discipline and commitment to stay in the shape I’m in you know! I’ve got a few tips for you today if you’re interested, but I do think it’s fair to share my opinion that you can’t actually exercise a bad diet away. So all you gym lovers out there, if you’re wondering why your abs aren’t showing, it’s not the sit-ups that aren’t working, it’s probably your diet!

Yes, cakes and cookies are bad!

It doesn’t matter how many articles you read on Facebook telling you that a cookie a day makes you happy etc. or that drinking wine everyday make you loose weight. The fact of the matter is that it’s mostly bollocks. And eating a cookie might make you feel happy for a few minutes yes, but if you do that often enough you’re going to be miserable because you’ll be a porker!

Cut out all processed foods and as many sugars as you can. Get some fruit in your diet, with natural sugars, eat more greens and make your meat nice and lean etc. Fish is also great and contains lots of good stuff. As a general rule, I just buy and eat fresh food. I find this is the way it works for me, and I know it works for my tantric massage friends too, we’re so damn similar all of us! And we have great bodies of course!

It’s also what you drink

Goes without saying that booze is one of the main culprits here of course. If you drink a lot, or even too much for you in particular, you’re going to cover your lovely abs with a layer of fat. I’m very careful about how much I drink. I have to admit that when I do drink, I really have a good time, but I don’t do it often. As most of you will attest, my body really is a temple! LOL!

You might also want to skip the lattes in the morning with the flavour syrups. One thing, the milk content is high, and those syrups are full of sugar (surprise, surprise there!) The best thing you could be drinking more of is water. It’s that simple. Water also prevents you from feeling too hungry, so there’s a double bonus for you!

Take your time and eat more meals!

This really does work. Yes, I read this somewhere and I actually tried it and it does work! It sounds odd to say eat more meals I realise, but if you eat more often your metabolism is fuelled to burn fat. This is especially true if you’re eating the right fuel. It won’t work if you’re eating a plate of cookies! Because we’re in the tantric massage business, we have to eat this way. We eat between bookings you see, so we’re probably grazing like cattle all day long!

Taking your time when you eat also allows your brain to register when you are full and don’t need any more food. And if you’re sticking to an eating clean style, you won’t have the harmful additives and sugars that will keep you craving what you’ve got in front of you. Try to eat with a friend and chat during lunch etc. it’s a good time to put down the fork!

Hope this helps my lovelies!


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