Is she flirting with you?

tantric massage clientsSo, I know a little about flirting with men! I’ve done enough of it in my time, and I still do of course. Hell, I’m a master of flirting! So I figured, why not share my knowledge with my loyal tantric massage clients? Most of you are absolutely hopeless when it comes to women, so it’s up to me to put you on the right track. Look out for these things guys.

How often she looks at you

This is the most telling sign, especially if you’re in a large group or a crowded bar. She could already be part of your group, and you’ve yet to be introduced etc. If this is the case, she’s flirting with you if she keeps looking at you. She’s waiting to see if you do the same back to her. If there are smiles involved, she’s basically asking you to come over and introduce yourself. And yes… She is flirting with you!


Does she touch you? If she finds any excuse to touch you when she’s talking to you, she’s flirting. I know you aren’t the best at reading the signs, but this is pretty obvious isn’t it? It can be a hand on the thigh, or on the arm, whilst she laughs at one of your jokes, or it could be a playful punch on the arm during a bit of teasing. Be aware of those touches.


Most of the messages tantric massage clients get are to tell them where to go for their appointment with me, or one of my friends! But if you have been introduced to this girl you’re thinking about, you might be getting messages, or you might be sending them. Firstly, I’d like to say, don’t bombard her with messages. This is important. Back to the messages you get from her. If you get practical messages about work stuff or something like that, forget about it. But if you’re getting regular messages that are funny, with jokes and memes etc. then this should tell you that she’s thinking about you when she sees something funny, and she believes that you are similar minded. Yes, she is flirting with you!

Just a few tips for my loyal tantric massage clients there! I do hope that they’ve been useful

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