You want a tantric Liverpool Street massage!

tantric Liverpool Street massageSo the way I see it, we should really have a deal right there! Book your tantric Liverpool Street massage, and get me a Valentine’s card… I want lots of Valentine’s cards. They make me feel wonderful, I won’t lie to you! And in return, you get one of the best massages you’re ever likely to get in your entire life.

Tantric Liverpool Street massage with Cassandra

Take a look at my picture, and then imagine if you will, me taking off all my clothes. Then imagine me dribbling warm Nuru massage oil over your naked body, before finally placing my hands on you. You’re going to get a shudder of absolute pleasure as you feel my hands for the first time, and the pleasure will increase more as you relax and become accustomed to my touch. Then we’re going to bring our bodies together for the tantric Liverpool Street massage you’ve always dreamed about. Now, to describe this is really difficult from my angle, because I can’t know exactly how you’re going to feel. However, I do have it on very good authority that you’re going to feel amazing.

Let someone else tell you about my tantric Liverpool Street massage

Let’s allow someone else to do the talking for a change shall we? Here’s a recent review I had from a lovely gent I saw not long ago.

“Cassandra has something I can only describe as natural charisma. Before we even got down to the tantric business, she was already very chatty and flirty with me. She was clearly excited at the prospect of what we were about to do, and it made me feel like I was very special indeed. One thing I’ll add here, and I would say that it doesn’t get said that often really, is that she smelled marvellous; sweet and sexy! If I saw a woman like this in a bar and she passed me I would probably swoon with desire, and I’d certainly never expect to get up to this much mischief with her!

She helped me remove my clothes, and I quickly became very aroused at her touch; I’m almost ashamed to say! She made me feel very comfortable and told me that it was all perfectly normal. I made myself comfortable on the bed whilst she removed her own clothes. She was wearing a lovely, yet tiny pair of knickers, and her body was something else. You can certainly tell that she works out! I’d thought about getting a tantric Liverpool Street massage for a long time, since I work in the area all the time, but it wasn’t until I saw her naked that I realised it was the best decision I’d ever made…”

Ha! I’m not going to tell you any more, you filthy minded devils! You can perhaps read more next week, or maybe you should book your own tantric Liverpool Street massage?

Call me babe… I’m ready for you XXX

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