How to pleasure yourself!

There is of course no way to pleasure yourself that’s going to be better than having me do it for you during a tantric massage. You do know this don’t you? You really ought to. Well, I should say, myself or one of my friends, since we’re all very good at what we do. However, I will help you out a little, I’m kind that way.

Choose your moment

I know that you guys literally “grasp” every opportunity to jerk off. It’s no big secret! But you can actually make things a lot better by choosing a more opportune moment and setting the mood. Choosing your stimulation is up to you of course, I wouldn’t assume to know everything, especially what floats your boat in the pornography department!

Treat yourself to some nice massage oil, or get some baby oil if you can’t be bothered. This is much better than no lubricant at all. Use plenty of it, but make sure you’re in a safe place where you won’t be disturbed. You’ll be able to relax much more that way.

tantric massage

Take your time

Don’t go hell for leather to make yourself climax. If you follow even a few principals of the tantra, you will know that the slow and steady method is much better! Bringing yourself to a logical “conclusion” rather than rushing to get there, will be far more rewarding. As a tantric massage professional, I know what I’m talking about!

Adjust your technique

Adjust your grip. Hold yourself in a different way. Try underhand, instead of the usual way. Grip tighter at the base for a while, and then slacken off. Use light strokes over the tip, or perhaps use just your thumb and forefinger over the tip and then adjust the speed. There are loads of different ways to “handle yourself!”

Have a tantric massage tutorial

As I said in the beginning, the best way to have the ultimate pleasure is to get me to do it. But you can come along and watch me do it! That’s got to help you when you’re home alone hasn’t it? You can even ask me questions, I’m really very friendly. I’ve been perfecting my lingam massage skills for years and I know just where and how to touch you in that area, and I know which way to do it with every single client I meet. This is why I get to meet so many new guys!

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