Hot Shoreditch massage Alisha has a photoshoot!

Shoreditch massageMy gorgeous Shoreditch massage star Alisha has been getting her pictures updated. And what a lot of fun we both had getting them done. I wasn’t the one behind the camera, but I know the person that took the shots and they’re very good at what they do, don’t’ you agree? Alisha loved it, she’s a proper attention whore! She loved getting all dressed up in sexy lingerie and parading herself around the bedroom and then outdoors of all places!

Outdoor Shoreditch massage anyone?

That got me thinking a little actually. You may know me already, but you may not know the way my mind can work sometimes! As Alisha was bending over the chair on the decking outside this lovely apartment, it made me think about the neighbours perhaps gazing into the garden and getting a real eyeful of flesh as she did it. I have to admit that it turned me on a little and I very nearly stripped off to join her for a few snaps!

What would it be like to actually do a tantric massage out there in the sunshine? Would it be as much of a turn on for some guys as it would be for me, and as it certainly would be for the gorgeous Alisha? As sexy as hell I’d imagine, what do you think? I suppose Alisha would have to watch out that those sensitive parts of your body didn’t get sunburn, but then I’m sure she’d have everything “in hand!” At least she had the sense to wear a hat when she had her shoot. It protected her from the sun, as well as protected her identity! Don’t worry, I’m sure she won’t wear it when you book her, unless you want her to!

In Shoreditch?

Are you in the area and in need of a special Shoreditch massage? Or are you close to Liverpool Street Station? Alisha isn’t far from you if you are, she’s literally a few minutes away and happy to invite you around to the flat for an incredibly sensual time. She has a nice shower for you and some calming, relaxing music, not to mention some lovely moves!

I hope you like her pictures, I’m very pleased with them.

Book Alisha now!

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