Halloween (and an erotic massage!)

erotic massageIs the office having a Halloween party? Or are you planning on going out with some friends at all? If you’re looking for ideas, I’ve got a few for you. You see, I love Halloween! I love all the scary stuff going on, I love sitting down in the evening and watching a horror flick with some of the girls, and I love candy! Who doesn’t right? What do you love about Halloween? And don’t say getting an erotic massage because that’s just a given really isn’t it?

Here are few things I’m looking forward to

  • If you’re around Bethnal Green, you should take a little look in Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club tomorrow night! I know it’s short notice… sorry! There’s a drag circus party going on and I think it’s going to be simply wonderful. You might even see your favourite erotic massage princess there!
  • Witchcraft fun in The Hoxton. This is Monday night – 29th. It’ll cost you about £20 to get in, but it’s said to be a great “beginners guide to witchcraft”.
  • A séance on Halloween could be pretty awesome right? What could make it better? It’s actually on October 31st! But it’s not actually a real séance of course, it’s a party night at XOYO with hip hop and dance.


Those are just a few things that sound pretty good to me. What do you think? They’re all in the East End, which beats the hell out of going all the way to the West End for any of that nonsense. I love it around there and in City, it’s all so much more fun!

And a Halloween erotic massage

Of course you can, if you really want to! I won’t be wearing a witches outfit though! But I can turn down the lights and make it a little more spooky for you if you really insist. The idea however is to have an erotic  massage and relax, not to scare yourself within an inch of your life. That’s not my idea at all. Now we have to do this girl in choose the girl you like the most. Then give me a call and I’ll set up a meeting for the two of you.

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