Getting your Liverpool Street massage in your local hotel

Liverpool Street massageYes, you could come and see me if you like, but you can also have me come to your hotel. There are some great hotels around Liverpool Street, and I’ve been to a number of them! I’m going to tell you about The Andaz today, just in case you want a little recommendation. You don’t need to get a recommendation for your Liverpool Street massage though do you? Well, I bloody hope not!

The Andaz

One of my favourites! From the friendly doormen to the lovely rooms, there isn’t much about The Andaz I don’t like. I’ve actually stayed here before too, so I do know what I’m talking about. When I stay at The Andaz, or even if I’m popping along to visit a client sometimes, I like to indulge in the lovely atmosphere of the bar and restaurant. This depends on who I’m with, or if I’m giving one of my famous Liverpool Street massages of course. Sometimes when I have friends staying with me from abroad, they choose to stay here, so I’m quite a familiar face there.

It’s a grand old Victorian building from the outside, if you look up! Elsewhere it’s pretty modern all round. Considering it’s right in the heart of Liverpool Street, and close to the station, it’s quite surprising that it maintains a relatively peaceful atmosphere. I like being able to step from the street into a hotel and shut out all the noise. When I step over the threshold of The Andaz to go and give my Liverpool Street tantric massage to a lucky fella, I feel like I’ve entered another world; it’s a nice feeling.

Dining after your Liverpool Street massage

After you’ve unwound a little and relaxed after your massage, you’re going to want to eat. Believe me, you’ll have an appetite after what I’m going to do to you! You really should try out SushiSamba if you stay here. I strongly recommend it. Not only do you get great views from up there, the food is to die for! You wouldn’t have though a delicate little woman like myself would spend much time thinking about food would you? After all, I need to keep my body in shape right? Well, you’d be wrong! I love food, I just make up for it in the gym. I want you to feel my tight body as I slide over yours during our tantric massage session!

Incall Liverpool Street massage

Of course, if you’d rather go out and about around Liverpool Street, perhaps once you’ve settled in, you might want to come and visit me. I’ve got everything you’ll need at my flat, so you are welcome to come get your Liverpool Street massage there if you prefer.

Also, don’t forget to check out my friends either… I have a number of girlfriends who are just as good as me at massage; depends on your personal taste of course!


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