Get a Liverpool Street massage instead of the train!

Liverpool Street massageIt’s a no brainer right? Which would you rather do, go and sit on a crowded train with people sneezing all over you and listen to someone else’s music, or have me rubbing my body against yours? Get a Liverpool Street massage for goodness sake!

If you needed any help answering that question, you’re on the wrong website. Seriously, you’re on the wrong website! I already have a number of clients who like to be “a little late” home from work because they desperately need to get rid of the stresses and strains of London life with the help of a London Liverpool Street massage. And most of you who read my blog will already know that I really am the best in the area. Even if I do blow my own trumpet! LOL!

If you insist on keeping your eye on the trains

If you really do have to keep your eyes on the time, if you don’t have a Liverpool Street massage, but you still don’t want to rush off home, have a drink. There’s a great pub at Liverpool Street station where you can keep your eye on all the departure times for your train. It’s called Hamilton Hall. It’s cheap and pretty classy too! Seriously, what could be better? You can have a pint and gamble just how late you can be home without getting into trouble, whilst you get slowly drunk. What could be better? Well, again, if you don’t know the answer to that, you’re on the wrong website.

Liverpool Street massage

You could just grow a pair and book your tantric massage experience with me! Think about it. You’re probably going to try and get away with being an hour or two late home. You’re going to drink with your buddies in that pub and watch the train times. So why not just resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to be late, come and get a Liverpool Street tantric massage and stop watching the clock? I can tell you this much: I certainly won’t be watching it!

So, to hell with getting home for dinner. Come and see me!

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