Get over your ex with Cassandra: Part Two

London tantric massageHere’s the second part of my article about getting over your ex. As I think I made clear in the first part, I may not be a councilor, but I am a very good listener. Being a London tantric massage therapist allows me to hear a lot of stories, and I can certainly point out what needs to be done to improve the situation when it comes to a break up.

You’ve accepted it (hopefully!)

So you should have come to terms with it first of all. That’s what the first part was all about. Now for moving on! Here’s a list of some of the best ways. I’ve based these on the experiences of myself and my friends, and also on what has worked for some of my London tantric massage clients in the past.

Online dating

Online dating is a great way to get you into looking again. You may be the type of guy who can easily approach women in bars etc. but it’s a good idea to get into the minds of women again, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while. You’ll also easily be able to gauge what women like about you and what types you’re attracting. Keep it simple and maybe meet up with a few women to see what happens. There’s no pressure.

Stop contacting the ex

If you don’t children together, or you don’t work together, there’s really no reason to be contacting her. I’ve said this much to some of my London tantric massage customers. They have complained about messages their ex has sent them etc. and I’ve simply asked if there is any good reason why they feel they have to continue to communicate with them. When they answer “no, not really,” they’ve basically solved another problem about breaking up. Stop communicating.

Go to new places

Never go to the places you used to go to together. This is a cardinal rule! And simply don’t ever take a new date there. You’d be mad to think that you can get over a woman if you’re still frequenting the spots you used to go to. A new location means a new start. Choose a new bar or restaurant. Don’t have coffee in the same place, and go out at different times too. This way you will avoid the possibility of bumping into her too.

Choose your friends wisely

The amount of times I’ve heard my London tantric massage boys telling me that their ex is hanging out with their friends! This is very simple. Just don’t hang out with those friends for a while. Choose the friends that she never hung out with. This way, you’ll also know if she’s fucking with you! Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

Get a London tantric massage

And then there’s always me to help you get over it. And I’m not talking about the talking cure here, you know what I mean!

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