Get over your ex with Cassandra: Part one

sensual massage serviceI don’t mean that I want to get directly involved of course, but I’m just writing this little blog post to let you know that I understand what it’s all about. You can trust me to give you a little advice about it. Considering that I hear all sorts of stories when I’m giving my signature sensual massage service, you can pretty much count on my advice!

Break-ups are crappy!

They are, and this is the first thing I’d have you realise. You’d be amazed at how many blokes go through a break-up and are subsequently surprised that it’s so tough. You probably loved the woman you’ve broken up with, and that’s an almighty powerful thing. We’ve all been through it before and it doesn’t matter if you’re the one who did the breaking up or not, it’s not easy for either party. But accepting that it’s going to be hard is actually a helpful first step. Prepare yourself for the worst.

Don’t internalise

When you’ve heard as many stories as this sensual massage service provider, you get to know where the mistakes are made. A lot of these mistakes are from guys who can’t let it out. They internalise their feelings. This will lead you to romanticise about your relationship, and perhaps miss it etc. You shouldn’t be afraid to open that bottle of wine and cry in front of the mirror as some of us women have done in the past! It’s not pathetic or weak, it’s normal and much more productive than being unable to sleep for weeks because you won’t face the way you feel.

Don’t be afraid to talk about it

Even to the girl giving you your sensual massage service. It’s perfectly acceptable and normal (except perhaps when you’re reaching the end of course!) Sometimes talking about your problems, especially break-ups, are the only real way to deal with them. If you have a good friend, or you have some close family, talk to them about it. It’s really the best way forward and you have to accept what has happened, before you can even think about making steps to get over her.

So, to summarise, accept the fact, face it and talk about it. Only then can you begin to move forward. Next week I’ll give you some steps to take to a better future! Trust me, I’m a masseuse!


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