Forget about those pills and get a London massage

London massageYou’ve heard those theories that claim the vast majority of those medications you take for pain could be pretty much done away with, right? Well, whilst I’m not a revolutionary, or a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t condone the use of illegal drugs and such, I do believe that pharmaceutical companies only have their own interests at heart. If they were out to help people, they wouldn’t be overly concerned with their shareholders and increasing their profits all the time, would they? Personally (and obviously in this instance) I’m a big advocate for my London massage service when it comes to doing away with a lot of medication. And I’m not just talking about pain meds either.

Trying London massage over meds

Now I wouldn’t ever tell anyone to stop taking their medication. That would be simply irresponsible. But I would certainly advise anyone who is taking medication for a number of conditions to try London massage services. At the end of the day, if your symptoms improve when you have a regular massage, that has to speak for itself doesn’t it? Then it’s up to you what you do with medication, but I would advise you to inform your doctor that you’ve started to have regular massage and it’s helping (you might not want to mention what sort of massage it is, that’s up to you!).

London massage for pain

Whilst myself and my friends concentrate on sensual massage at Tantric Touch London, our services are very versatile and all the girls are tremendously different in their techniques. Rubbing your muscles and sliding our bodies on top of your own, really is a good way to ease aching joints and muscles. You will find that your body is likely to heal much faster when you’ve had a London massage, whether it’s a sensual one or not. Massage will also improve the circulation of blood to your muscles and the rest of your body, thus promoting faster and more effective healing.

London massage for anxiety and depression

It doesn’t just have to be pain relief of course. Whilst improved blood circulation will undoubtedly help your muscles rebuild and ease aching joints and more intense, serious pain from illness etc. it will also considerably improve your mood. And I don’t really have to tell you all about sensual London massage services really do I? The fact that you’re going to get a sexy woman like myself or one of my friends, sliding over your body is enough to improve anyone’s mood!

Become a regular

You’ll get the best out of my London massage services if you book one regularly. Getting them at least once a month is best, but if you really enjoy it (which I’m sure you will!), you could get a weekly one. Myself and my friends are really very affordable you know!

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