Don’t worry about your Liverpool Street Nuru massage

Liverpool Street Nuru massageYou all fret far too much about getting a massage! I know that some of you have partner, friends and family etc. who you would much rather not know about your visits to my apartment, or my friends, but you don’t have to worry. The one you worry the most about is my Liverpool Street Nuru massage, I know. This is mostly because of the Nuru gel, but I’ve got some news for you.

Liverpool Street Nuru massage isn’t messy in the end

When you’ve had your massage, you can take a shower you know! Too many of you forget this fact. And here’s the big news. Nuru gel is water based and washes off really easily if you’re thorough. I wouldn’t send you back to your wife or girlfriend all slippery, now would I? I want you to return time and time again, so it’s not in my best interests.

I know it’s all very slippery and you may feel as though it will never come off because it’s thick and really quite lovely, but it really does. And I won’t be rushing you out of the door before you’re presentable again and composed!

Great showering facilities

All of my friends also have great showers, with fresh, clean towels. We are prudent enough to have plenty of men’s toiletries too, and also body washes that are unscented etc. so you needn’t worry about smelling different when you get home. Anyway, if you’re going to become a regular for my Liverpool Street Nuru massage, you could always just buy some toiletries and keep them at your office couldn’t you? Then there could be no chance at all of being discovered. You see, I know all the tricks!

So, come on and get slippery with me and my friends. Our Liverpool Street Nuru massage service is arguably the best in London. I have many satisfied customers and I’m sure I’ll get plenty more in the future. Take a look at my gallery of tantric friends and choose one of your favourite girls. If you want any advice about who and what to choose, simply call me on the phone and I’ll help you decide. I know everyone very personally!

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