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I’m here to give you a little boost to your confidence, as well as a body to body naked massage of course! Today’s tantric massage blog post is about approaching women. Some guys simply don’t have the confidence to approach woman and it’s high time all that changed in my opinion.

It’s always good!

What myself and my tantric massage friends would tell you every time, is that if you like a girl, tell her. Believe me when I say, even if we don’t fancy you in particular, admiration is always welcome. Let’s face it, you guys would love it if women came up to you in bars and clubs and told you how lovely they thought you were, right? As long as you’re not drunk and making an ass of yourself, your chat up lines are entertaining and always welcome. Women in general do not want to be left alone, it’s a myth. They don’t spend all that time getting ready not to be noticed! We want to meet people.

Well, you have to choose your moment of course. If we’re busy chatting amongst ourselves, you don’t simply barge in. Unless one of us has given you the eye that is! And this is the crucial part. You need to have the confidence to act on that “eye” you get. How many of you have been smiled at by a woman and then decided not to do a damn thing about it. Only to go home and kick yourself later on? I’m betting quite a few of you!

It’s all in the first step

You just have to gain the courage. If it means you have to do a quick shot of bourbon before you walk over, then do it. But for goodness sake do it! You have no idea what you could be missing. It could be a night of fun, it could be a laugh for a couple of hours, you could get blown out. But you could just be missing out on a potentially wonderful relationship! It all starts in the mind, and in the initial attraction gentlemen. So get talking!

Talk to your tantric massage therapist

You simply have to talk to your massage therapist to begin with. So that should get you talking to women! You can’t just walk into the flat, get undressed and have your massage without saying “hello!” But seriously for a moment, you can actually practice a little when you meet your masseuse. It’s not a date, and you’re not trying to crack onto her. Hell, you’re both naked already, so there’s nothing to be won there is there? But have a little fun with your meeting. You’ll find mind tantric massage friends very easy to talk to and they all have a wicked sense of humour.

So, believe in yourself, take that first step and don’t be shy!


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