Don’t go for second best when you’re in your 40’s

London massageOne of the most common problems you guys face when you hit your forties is that you believe you have to grab onto the next girl who shows an interest in you. It’s the same for women of course. People generally believe that as they get older, they somehow become less desirable, and this is simply not true. Look at me for example! LOL! I just get better and better, as you all know (this London massage angel is not in her 40’s though – just saying!)

Naughty 40’s!

Ever heard that before? Well, if you’re in your forties then you ought to have. You should be having the time of your life if you’re single. If you’re not, there are loads of things you can do to change that. You see, people in their 40’s who are single, have far less inhibitions than those who are younger. They also have the whole “time thing” working for them, not against them. You believe that because you’re getting older you need someone fast, but the fact remains that because you believe your time is running out, you are far more inclined to “go for it,” so to speak.

You will be much more prepared to ask that girl who you thought was “out of your league,” and you won’t mind half as much if you get knocked back; simply because you don’t have time to be too concerned. This is why you should be having more fun. I have to admit, being in the London massage business, I meet a lot of men in their 40’s and they’re always a lot of fun! So I can personally attest to the fact that this is not a simple expression, it’s actually true!

Play the field, have some fun and DON’T settle

So, back to the point (and I knew I had a point somewhere!), don’t settle for the next girl that comes along and flashes her eyes at you. Have fun. Book London massage services. Get drunk. Drive fast. Go on holiday. Eat great food. Do all the things you couldn’t afford to do in your twenties, but now can. And wait until someone really special comes along before you take yourself out of the game. If you make sure that you are having as much fun as possible, she’d have to be pretty damn special to make you stop wouldn’t she? So you see, there is a method in my madness!

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