Don’t be a gym monster: cleanliness first gentlemen!

Gym Workout

I’m appealing to all you guys who go to the gym. Actually, I’m appealing to all you guys who work out wherever. And, actually, I’m appealing to you guys who visit me for a London tantric massage. Sweaty is all very well and good if you’re in the throes of passion, but it isn’t much fun for other people if you’re not!

Sweaty gym monsters

Now, we all sweat in the gym of course. No-one is denying this much. But some of you may not know that there is a certain etiquette that needs to be followed when you’re there. It’s quite short and to the point. When you’ve finished working out on a machine, wipe it down! It’s not hard, it takes seconds to do. Nothing worse than sitting down in someone’s sweat patch and then grabbing the bar to find that your hands slip off!

Working out in the park?

I’m all for men looking good and taking care of themselves, but do you really need to jump up and down on the bench I like to use to sip my morning coffee? I don’t think so! Yes, I’m a pretty girl, and I get my fair share of attention, but this is ridiculous. If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s a man sprinting past me in the park and stopping just in front of me. Then he proceeds to lean against the bench I was just about to sit on to do these really rather bizarre head-butting type press-ups that any true athlete would be ashamed of. Then, he jumps up on the bench, and off again; and proceeds to do this as many times as he can, or until the poor bench collapses.

So, a word of warning gents. Just stop it! Please, just stop it! I love men, I love their bodies. I wouldn’t be a London tantric massage professional if I didn’t. But I don’t want to see you jumping on my bench, dripping in sweat. I mean, if you want to work out, go to the gym or stay home!

Showering before your tantric massage

This is pretty much an essential part of if gents, and I’m sure all of you who have been to see me in the past, or had me visit you, are well aware. You can always use my shower if you come to my place. I have a selection of men’s toiletries you can use, and some fragrance free stuff if you’d rather smell of nothing when you get home. Who says I can’t be discreet! And there should be no reason at all not to shower before an outcall London tantric massage booking. You’re in a hotel after all!

Call me and we’ll get together!

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