Dating tips for men by Tantric massage professional

tantric massageYes, that professional is me of course! Now, most of you who read this blog know me reasonably well. Well, you know the side of me I choose to show you of course. You know that I’m honest and really quite blunt when I want to be, so why wouldn’t you ask for dating tips from your friendly neighbourhood tantric massage expert?

First date with a special lady

If she means anything to you, or even if you’re just desperate to get into her panties, you need to read very carefully what I’m about to tell you!

  • Don’t wear what you think you should wear, and don’t wear what you are comfortable in. Most men would happily go along to a date in a pair of jeans and trainers! It’s not the way to impress a woman. You don’t have to go looking like James Bond walking into a casino, but a jacket and trousers isn’t a bad idea. Oh, and don’t forget to have some decent shoes on. We notice these things!
  • Choose a place that you already know and you are comfortable in, if you are choosing the venue for your date. This way you will already be more confident than you would be walking into a strange place. She’ll notice this. Confidence is a massive turn on. Just ask any of my tantric massage friends!
  • Don’t hog the conversation. It’s an easy mistake to make when you think that you may run out of things to talk about, but it’s a mistake. If she says something about herself, be interested and ask her more about it. All women want a man who listens to them and one that takes an interest in them and what they do.
  • Never mention your ex! This is a definite NO! And the reason I say it is because I’ve experienced it before and it’s just unpleasant. It’s also very easy to do too, so just be on your guard. Whilst I said book somewhere you’re familiar with, it might be a good idea not to book somewhere you’ve been with your ex.
  • Be the gentleman and get your wallet out. I don’t care what “modern women” say about it, I still like the guy to pay. At least on the first date anyway. And no, this isn’t because I’m mean; I do alright! If she really insists on paying, allow her to make her stand and suggest that you pay on the next date. This is also a great way of finding out whether or not she wants to see you again!

Not just a tantric massage goddess you see!

There now, don’t say that I never do anything for you other than massage your body and make you “happy!” I have a lot of knowledge to impart to the right people, and you guys could learn a thing or two. Even if you think you have the dating game nailed, it’s always good to hear from a woman about what they really want!

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