How to date younger women

sensual masseuseI’m going to let you into a secret today. I’m going to tell you how to date younger women. Not that this young sensual masseuse is looking for a man you understand, I’m just lending a helping hand (no pun intended).

Confidence is key

When it comes to dating younger women, you really do have a lot going for you. You see, we’re naturally attracted to older men due to a number of things you have in common (if you are an “older” man that is). Firstly we should establish just what “older” is. You see, to me, and to so many other younger women, age is literally just a number. The vast majority of hang ups about age when it comes to age gap relationships, are clung onto by the man. We couldn’t care less.

The older man

I realise that when you look in the mirror, you see a much older man, and you remember what he used to look like; and it may well bother you. This is the first thing you need to overcome if you want to date a younger woman. Confidence is key, make no mistake about it. The odds are on your side because we actually want to date you! You have to tell yourself this and simply “take the bull by the horns,” as they say.

There may be younger women who don’t have the same attraction of course, but your still in with a very good chance. If you get knocked back it’s more than likely true that it’s her who feels intimidated or has hang ups about dating an older man, and nothing to do with attraction.

What your sensual masseuse and other women see

With most older men, we don’t see so much of the physical appearance. We see a man who “has his shit together” basically. Not an impulsive, and often unreliable young guy. Yes, the young guy might have an amazing body and ooze sexuality, but most of my sensual masseuse friends agree with me when we say that we could have any number of those guys if we wanted them! It takes something a little more refined to impress me; and I’m pretty sure I speak for most younger women too.

Practically speaking

On a more practical note, most young women are looking for some kind of permanence; even if they’re still “playing the field” and partying hard every weekend. At the back of their mind is always that perpetual quest to settle down, perhaps be looked after, and overall have something and someone reliable, financially and emotionally secure, honest and true. If you can portray these traits, then you are already there!

Perhaps you would like to talk to a sensual masseuse like me, until you find a younger woman who takes your fancy! I’m happy to chat with you whilst my hands and body go to work!

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