Don’t get a cheap London massage, get a real one!

It’s really false economy gentlemen, trust me. Many of my regular clients will already know that when you get your London massage from me (or indeed one of my friends it’s worth every penny more than you’ll pay for a cheap London massage…

Not that I’m expensive of course; far from it considering what I actually do for you and your body. Go and check out some of my prices now if you like, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Besides, the point I’m making here is that if you pay the right money, you get the right service.

What’s a cheap London massage?

Well, cheap means one thing to one person and something else entirely to another doesn’t it? But I’ve seen massages offered for around £50-60 in London here and there. Now, you have to understand that we’re not talking about agencies or any verifiable sources here! These so called professionals sometimes even claim to offer genuine tantric massage services too. I know for a fact that there isn’t a single “genuine” masseuse who would sell her skills at this price; we’re artists for goodness sake!

There are two types of danger to consider when you book a cheap London massage: you could get ripped off, or you could get hurt. I’m being serious here. There’s nothing worse than having someone kneading your back if they don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s even worse if they’re rolling themselves all over you, believe me. A tantric massage, in particular, has to be done properly, as many of my clients will testify. So don’t cheap out boys! Book the real deal!

Why my friends too?

I can vouch for them! It’s simply because I know them and they know me. Meaning, of course, they know how I give sensual massages, and the only reason I represent them on my site is because they do things in a similar way. Most of my friends on here have massaged me too! So you see, if I recommend them, it’s because I have personal experience of how good they are too!
Go ahead and call me today…

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