Chat up lines and when to use them

The reason I’ve mentioned I’m a tantric massage expert is of course because I’ll hear my fair share of chat up lines! You can bet your life that I hear them a lot. Not necessarily whilst I have a client under my hands of course (he’s kind of reached his end game here!), but certainly when I’m out and about. Those of you who have already met me will know that I look pretty good (even if I do say so myself!), and with good looks you get a lot of attention.

So I thought it would be a nice idea to impart a little advice to you gentlemen. I like to look after those of you who read my blog, and a little bit of advice from someone who knows will always go a long way. My first piece of advice when it comes to chat up lines is very simple: don’t use them! That’s stumped you hasn’t it? You thought you were going to get a list of lines that have worked on me in the past didn’t you?

Chat up lines don’t work on the best girls

There you have it! They simply don’t. I’ve had my head turned a couple of times by a chat up line, but it’s never got them any further than that to be honest. All this “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together,” crap is just unnecessary. It’s not unnecessary in the sense that it’s something to say, but it is in the sense that it’s not going to get you anywhere unless the girl already likes you. You see, myself, and a number of my tantric massage friends actually, will have already made our minds up whether we’re interested or not no doubt. But your looks are only the start!

It’s not all physical attraction

Yes, your look will get you the “in,” so to speak, but it goes much further than that with a woman like me. I’ve already said that I meet a lot of men being a London tantric massage specialist, so you can appreciate that I also get to know them. Here’s the one trick that will beat any chat up line. I am impressed only if a man is being himself, and he’s being genuine. If he’s genuinely funny, that’s even better!

So you see, you can dispense with all the bullshit. Offer to buy the girl a drink if you’re in a bar. If she doesn’t like the look of you to begin with, she’ll say no, but if she already quite likes you, you have the start. Then you don’t mess it up! You have to be yourself, because if you actually want to go anywhere with this girl, even if it’s the next morning, you’re going to have to show her who you are eventually! Just how to be yourself is not something I can help you with I’m afraid boys! I’m a London tantric massage expert, not a man whisperer!

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