Massage therapy from a Cat! – I think I may have seen it all

Cat massage therapy

I like to browse the internet from time to time, as some of you will already know, and I also like to keep up to date with the latest news in the massage industry. Imagine my surprise when I found this…

I like cute things, in much the same way any other woman does, but a cat giving a massage? Really? You have to watch this video guys, it’s hilarious! I know what you’re thinking too – only in Japan! From the country that gave us game shows where you get a naked butt in the face, or a whack on the testicles when you get a something wrong, you’re now able to go to a spa and get a massage from a cat!

Now, I’m a London massage professional, and I can only think actually how uncomfortable this might be. When I watch that video, all I can think about is when a cat jumps on your lap and starts clawing your legs to make itself comfortable. How can this spa owner ensure this cat doesn’t do the same thing on your back for goodness sake? Ouch!

Alternative massage therapies

I’m a big believer in alternative massage for therapeutic purposes, that’s one of the main reasons I began a London tantric massage business, but there are some pretty strange massages on offer out there. After I found this bizarre cat massage, I kind of gave myself a mission to find the weirdest massages available. I guess I had a little too much free time on my hands last night, what can I say?

  • Python massage. Yes, you read it correctly, a massage by pythons! Available in the Philippines.
  • Cactus massage. Literally a massage with cacti. Weirdly enough however, I’d actually be interested in trying this out. I mean, it can’t be painful can it?
  • Meat cleaver massage. This really freaked me out! And yes, it is a massage given with cleavers. Available in Thailand.
  • Elephant massage. I had heard about this before, but I thought I’d share it. Again, Thailand is the place for this. It’s available in a tourist park in Chiang Mai, where you can volunteer to be trodden on by an elephant!

So, there you have it, some pretty extreme massage services there. I don’t need to tell you that the tantric massage therapy offered by myself and my friends isn’t nearly as frightening as this now do I?

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