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outcall London massageIt’s nearly May, the weather is beginning to get much better and everyone is planning their little escapes! I love this time of year! Not only because I get to wear some of the cheekiest little outfits in the sun and show off my cute little ass, but I know that I’m going to meet some city weekenders!

City weekenders are what they sound like of course. I like meeting them because they often come down to London from quite far away in the UK. They come from abroad too of course, but different regions of the UK fascinate me to be honest. It’s such a small island, but you would be amazed at how different it is the moment you step outside of London. I love to hear about my clients’ astonishments as they encounter London for perhaps the first time.

Book your outcall London massage

Because it’s the start of a busy time for me and my friends, I’m letting you know that it would be a good idea to book your outcall London massage when you actually book your hotel. This way you won’t be disappointed. Give yourself some time to check in and get settled of course, but have one of us come along and ease you into your weekend on your first night. There’s nothing like a visit to London after you’ve been well and truly sorted out by myself or one of my outcall London massage buddies. We know what we’re doing!

We visit all the hotels around the areas in which we operate, but we’re more than happy to come to any Central London hotel too. So, you don’t have to be staying around Liverpool Street or Shoreditch etc. (where we’re mostly located), even though it’s nice and easy for us. We all have Oyster Cards and know how to get a cab, so it’s no big deal.

The comfort of an outcall London massage

It’s perfect for those who aren’t in the city often, because you don’t need to find your way to an incall location. Even though they’re all very easy to find, sometimes it’s a bind if the weather isn’t nice, or you have to read your silly Google maps etc. to find the apartment; especially if it’s in an area you’re not familiar with.

New girls have joined

I’ve got some new massage friends actually, you might want to take a look. Some actually specialise in outcalls too, and I’ve even got a friend who works over in South Kensington too, so she would be a good choice for all you West End hotel guys out there. I’ve got London pretty much covered these days, so just give me a call and let me know when you’re arriving in London. I’ll do my very best to make it an experience you’ll never forget!


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