Body to body massage won’t allow you think about anything else!

Body to body massage is the ultimate in sensual massage.  It allows for you to fully experience the natural pressure of another’s body against your own, usually enhanced greatly by the use of massage oils or Nuru gel.  There really isn’t anything like it and it should demand all of your attention…

Body to body massage

We know that most of you have at some point or other had a massage, so we’re probably telling you something you already know.  In the interests of those who already visit myself or one of my friends, we thought we’d treat you “seasoned” massage aficionados to a bit of laugh.  We like to keep things light hearted sometimes and we thought we’d share a really funny video we found with you.  Have you ever propositioned a masseuse for this?

Well, there you have it!  We’re not too sure why he’d be interested in that when he has an attractive woman caressing his body, but there’s no accounting for taste of course!  Suffice to say that I don’t have a TV where I do my massages, but even if I did, I don’t think anyone would be asking for it to be switched on; I make sure my clients have enough to think about when I’m getting busy with my hands and body!

Body to Body massage with Cassandra

Besides, when you’ve experienced a body to body massage with me, it won’t even cross your mind to consider what’s on the television.  I don’t care if England were in the World Cup Final, there’s simply no way you’d want to be anywhere else when you’ve felt my body sliding over yours; particularly when we’re both coated with Nuru gel.  There’s only really one logical conclusion to such an activity!

Now, tell me… What did you think he was asking for before she switched on the TV?

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