Are you single by choice?

London massage providerI like to get a little philosophical now and again, I’m not just a London massage provider you know! I came across an interesting article the other day that claimed people of high intelligence have trouble finding love. Is this the case with you?

Apparently, those of a higher intelligence tend to be more analytical. This makes sense of course, but this makes them (sometimes subconsciously) overly analytical of their relationships. If something doesn’t feel right with a highly intelligent person, they’re much less likely to sweep it under the carpet. It’ll stay with them like an itch they can’t scratch and no London massage provider in the city could massage away that trouble! They simply have to let it go most of the time.

Seems a shame doesn’t it? But then, if you think that you’ll ever have a relationship one day, isn’t it better that you’re overly analytical? That way you know that if or when it does happen, you’ll have made a good choice!

It’s actually what you want!

It’s true. Doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid it. If you are indeed one of those very intelligent people, you’re more than likely single by choice. Whether you know it or not. You’re naturally guarded and wary, and to be perfectly honest, you probably don’t think that anyone could add to your life at the moment; at least in a positive way. There’s no shame in that. Hell, I’m here to make your feel better as a blogger as well as a London massage provider on this occasion! Don’t sweat it…

And who needs love when you have a London massage provider like me?

Exactly, who indeed. You can feel absolutely loved for the duration of your tantric massage experience with myself or one of my lovely young friends if you like. That should satiate the human need for affection quite easily. After all, with the whole “love thing” you’re expected to call your significant other and spend time with them when they want you, and that’s not for everyone now is it? Some of us just want to indulge in some affection once in a while. Being one of the best London massage providers, I get to indulge all the time of course! This makes me very happy indeed…

So come on and give me a call… We can be single together!


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