Are you having the best sex of your life?

tantric massageI’ve been reading around again, you know what I’m like! When I’m not offering tantric massage services to my clients, I’m busy learning stuff. And it has recently come to my attention that it’s not the young guys who are having the best sex of their lives. Although I think I already knew this to be honest! LOL! It’s not all about getting “as much tail” as you can when you’re young guys, you don’t stop having it when your older, so don’t worry!

Apparently, the best sex of your life is more than likely yet to happen. I’m talking to those of you who I’ve more than likely seen before, in my tantric massage session, and those who are still relatively young. According to the Kinsey Institute, 18-29-year olds are having lots of sex. Double the amount of those older than 30 apparently. However, that’s not the whole story.

Sex in your sixties

Yes, apparently the best sex of your life is going to happen in your sixties!

“…More precisely, it looks like women experience the best sex of their lives at 66 years old, while men have the best sex at 64 years old…”

This doesn’t surprise me really. As you get older you tend to know what you like sexually. Well, you know what you like generally really, by the time you reach your sixties; or one would hope you do anyway! I know a lot of older men, and they all know what they like, and I think this is very important when it comes to sex. It’s also quite pertinent that when you’re in your sixties, you will have at least experienced one or more long term relationships. This is important because you will have been able to develop an uninhibited sexual relationship whereby you have come to be comfortable with your partner and much more open. This is of vital importance in building your experience, and one of the reasons younger women prefer older guys.

You can read more about it on if you like. It’s one of my new favourite places to visit when I’m bored, and I do so like to share my findings with you guys.

Ask me when you have a tantric massage

You can always quiz me a little more about what I do and don’t know about sex and men etc. when you have your tantric massage. I’m a veritable fountain of knowledge these days. Thank goodness for Google!

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