Anonymity and discretion

London City massageI don’t relish the thought of writing out a massive privacy policy and all that garbage for my website to tell the truth, so I thought I’d just write a little article to tell you just how discreet I am. Not to mention all my sexy friends too of course. A few of them have other jobs and lives they would rather not mix with their massage business, so they’re not likely to want to broadcast who pops around to indulge!

London City massage experts

Yes, they’re all good at what they do, but most of them are also British. Why do I say that? Well, when they come to your hotel to give you their signature London City massage, they’re much less likely to arouse suspicion should they need to speak to anyone. The escort industry in London is swamped with Eastern European girls going into hotels all the time and probably embarrassing the hell out of their clients, but you won’t get this with my friends, or me of course! I’ve been in London far too long for anyone to mistake me for anything other than a Londoner!

Besides all that, we don’t walk into your hotel with a sign on our backs and a massage table under our arms. We look just like any other visitor or guest at the hotel. People come and go all the time in hotels and you have nothing to worry about. If you have any questions regarding this (or anything else for that matter) call me on the phone and I’ll be happy to chat with you about it!

Your details are gone

Another thing that seems to bother people is that they’re details get stored somewhere. Just why people think that massage agencies or independent girls keep a record of everyone they see and mark their names and numbers in some giant filing cabinet is beyond me! We’re not interested in your name or where you’re from, and we don’t need your phone number until the next time you want a London City massage. And when that time comes, you’ll be calling us anyway, so why keep it? LOL!

So, now you can trust me? I’ve been doing this for a long time, with a lot of satisfied clients, so I think you can!


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