A suntan isn’t everything you know!

tantric massageAs some of my fairer skinned tantric massage girls, they’ll tell you! Not only can it be tremendously dangerous and downright uncomfortable, for fair skinned people, it can be downright impossible to achieve!

I’m writing this little post today because it’s come to my attention that some of you aren’t taking care of yourself, and that bothers me! One of my regular clients came to me the other day in a right state. I’ve been seeing him for years, so he can take me being somewhat curt with him. I told him he was a bleeping idiot! Basically, he’d been gardening at the weekend and he had neglected to seek the shade, or even put so much as a dollop of sun cream on his body. Suffice to say that his tantric massage wasn’t as enjoyable as he’d hoped it was going to be. I was extremely careful of course and being the nurturing young woman that I am, I treated his skin to help him feel much better.

The dangers

However, when he described to me what happened the day after he’d burnt himself, it’s a wonder he’s here at all. He woke the next day obviously with sore skin, but on top of that, he was dizzy, and suffering with severe dehydration. His head was pounding, he had heart palpitations and he couldn’t stay off the toilet or stop being sick. On top of all that, he couldn’t keep any fluids down in order to rehydrate himself! So I’m going to step in here and give you all a telling off.

What to do in the sun – AGAIN!

As if you don’t know anyway. Here’s your very basic checklist:

  • Seek the shade whenever you can
  • Wear a hat whenever you can
  • Wear sun screen (everywhere that’s exposed to the sun!)
  • Don’t be out too long
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water

That’s easy enough isn’t it? Well it damn well should be! I’m a tantric massage professional and shouldn’t be worrying myself with making sure you guys are safe in the son; you’re like children, honestly! 😊

If you do find yourself with a severe case of sunstroke, as my client did, seek some medical attention if you can. Get someone to be with you to help. And when you can’t take water etc. try taking some rehydrating drinks with the essential salts etc. that help you absorb the fluids you take. Isotonic drinks are also good when you start to recover. Look after yourself guys, I want to see you again!

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