Add tantric massage Snapchat!

tantric massageHow about a tantric massage specialist on Snapchat? Wouldn’t that be groovy? I bet you’d be watching for my stories all day long! Well, I’m introducing it to the website any day now, so keep your eyes open. There are enormous benefits for you to get hold of me and my friends this way, as I’m sure you know if you already use it. If you don’t, read on and I’ll tell you a little more!

Tantric massage Snapchat!

So, you basically download Snapchat for your smartphone first of all. It’s a lot of fun to be honest, even if you don’t bother with all those filters and such. You can stay in touch with your friends and work colleagues in a whole new way. But the bonus of getting our tantric massage features on there is that we can message and your messages disappear! So, no trace! Nice and discreet yes?

I am positive that this will appeal to a number of my clients who like to keep their sensual services on the “down low,” so to speak. Never let it be said that I don’t help you out when you need it! Hell, I like to be as discreet as you guys too, and so do all my friends in the business, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have a little fun with our clients. And this will allow us to have even more fun, in a different way.

Keep your eye on my Twitter feed

Keep your eye on Twitter too for updates etc. I’ll pop up from time to time on there with information about who is available and who has joined my band of merry tantric masseuses! You’ll also get information like this on there too, along with links to interesting articles etc.

It’s always a pleasure giving you news. Take care of yourselves and call me!

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