Bring it on Doris! We’re having a London massage!

London massageHurricane “Doris!” Really? What kind of a name is that for goodness sake? Hardly very threatening is it? Now I’m hoping I’m not going to be made to eat my words of course. Anyway, it’s not affecting me in the least because I’m safe and snug in my nice warm apartment waiting for the next gentlemen to come through the door for his London massage!

That is, unless he gets blown away in these winds! He’ll certainly be blown away in another sense of the word, when he’s had my London massage service. No man has ever left my presence without having a look of pure bliss on his face. Well, some have left with a mixture of shock and bliss, but they’re usually first timers!

First time London massage?

Is it your first time? Have you never experience the joys of tantric massage? I’m sure if you read elsewhere on the website about my sensual massage services you’ll learn just what it’s all about. But if you truly are here because it’s the first London massage you’ve ever booked, you really couldn’t have come to a better place. My friends and I have been giving the best massages in London for a number of years now and it’s become so popular that I’ve had to ask more friends to join me.

New London massage angel

Which brings me neatly around to introducing you to one of the new masseuses you can book through my website. Her name is Sophia and she’s a very keen tantric masseuse that’s been practising elsewhere for quite a while. She only recently moved to London, but now that she has finally arrived where all the best action is, she’s over the moon to be here! Go ahead and take a look at her profile and give me a call. I can set you up with a massage from the beautiful Sophia in a matter of minutes. You just choose your time. She’ll come to you, or you can come to her; she’s pretty local to Liverpool Street so you won’t have to go far!

Call Cassandra’s Massage today – I’ll look after you X

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